Chloe Fides is a young witch and the current descendant of the Fides family, a family that serves Sparta's bloodline. Because of this, she has devoted her life to make Dante a legendary Demon Hunter just like his parents.

Early Life Edit

Chloe grew up listening to the legends of Sparta and Raphael. Because of this, she spent her childhood studying every kind of magic she could while learning gardening, cooking, herbal medicines, fishing, etc. everything she believed she would need to best serve a descendant of Sparta.

Appearance Edit

Chloe has long light blue hair and wears a long purple dress.

lnterests Edit

Chloe enjoys studying magic, fishing, cooking, gardening, practicing magic, and reading about famous heroes.

She is also a lesbian and regularly visits the happy monkey in order to gather information and is dating Lilith's secretary Lilim.

She's a fan of the show Tori and Co's Cooking Show.

Personality Edit

Chloe is a very, kind, caring and courteous person who greatly respects Dante's family legacy and wants Dante to be as great as his father and grandfather. At first, she is disappointed by how 'humble' his shop is and will regularly pressure Dante into taking jobs that she feels will make him famous.

She greatly respects a person's legacy and will lose her temper whenever someone makes fun of or degrades Dante's or her own families legacy. She has no problem when it comes to killing evil demons; It's because of her views that she often argues with Dante.

Abilities Edit

Exceptional Magic Abilities

She is very skilled in using all varieties of magic and because of this, she has a spell for any situation whether offensive or Defensive.

A Variety of Skills

Chloe is well versed in many skills ranging from botany to cooking.

Fighting Style Edit

Chloe's fighting style revolves around using a combination of various elemental spells to mix up and damage her enemy. She will also use certain spells to support her allies when needed.